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When is the start-end time of day for the museum rummage sale? The note here just says 7pm Friday to 7pm Sunday.

I found another place to add the link to this club's web site. Its the Clackamette web site under links and Rock Clubs:

Steve Wheeler
Steve Wheeler
Steve Wheeler
Feb 25, 2023

Thanks Scott !


I talked with Jay Carlson of Sherman Co. Rocks in Rufus this week and we are on for a field trip to the China Hollow mine on Friday, April 28. Jay did not want to do it on May 5th as that is Cinco de Mayo. We will meet at Jay's new shop in Rufus between 7:30 and 8am and head out to the mine at 8:30 am where Don will meet us. A 4WD is mandatory, as the road into the mine is through a wheat field and then rough dirt roads. I have a Toyota Tundra PU with 4WD. The last time I was there I had to pull out 2 other PU trucks that got stuck. People can drive up to the end of the gravel road in cars and park there and hop a ride with those of us with 4WD. Or park at Jay's shop…

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